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Pan yue, a deputy minister of environmental protection as a poem "song of the Great Wall winds" tribute yanmenguan

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Beijing, Aug. 9 (xinhua) pan yue, a deputy minister of environmental protection in yanmenguan scenic sites recently published poems song of the Great Wall winds, laid pale rich solemn and stirring yanmenguan. Because poetry is rich, great momentums, throughout said since the qin dynasty to today, yanmenguan the one thousand - year - old slowly to present in front of the reader. At the end of the poem, "mo dao has been on the top, the Great Wall no end", wanting more, there are all kinds. According to the author, the poem was written in April/Beijing simatai, at that time, one hundred and seventy-two, after deleting Jane is one hundred and forty-four words. The following is a poetry full-text:

The Great Wall winds song

Pan yue

A dragonfly river autumn sceneries, xiao ma cattle rustling flooding.

Take changfeng snow, south to underwrite the day in the sunshine.

Throughout the two thousand seven hundred - year - old, see shengongguifu hand absolutely.

Brick brick mywood mark, a song of pipa said origin.

Many dissenting Confucian strike yinshan hu, han ancestors trapped white dome.

Who Mr Levy of the city wanli, li held off cry hoary head.

Fresh JinWu fault sealing hedong, lu qiang jie di changan.

Go to the department horse panic across the river, let him to their northern wei.

Day with han xing tang, continuous business travel is silk.

Among his knock at the Great Wall, the Great Wall as the flow of all the nations.

Tang dynasty one dies without a prosperous time, worship pond 16 states.

The law of vertical and horizontal when the person who, see the Great Wall have embrasured watchtower.

Zhao ci poetry painting of guilin, liao jin-yuan xia in the autumn of four hundred.

Linan dream west side, the Yellow River is frozen bone with conduit.

Iron body in charge of foreign affairs, a glacier solitary minister advocating Confucianism three mute.

Great river running hero tears, cut its tail and the first long queues.

Red towel hao male jianghuai, commissioner of the great khan a prince.

Jin Lingwang gas dim, tyger Ming yan deep and remote.

Hundred close nine towns all protect, borne male to ascend and then rebuilt.

Zhangjiakou QiShuai before disposal of yanshan, Zhu Shou look for flowers.

Protect the tears a bloodbath in civil, Yu Qian FuNan die tower of the palace.

Palace lonely night sit wanli, and submitted to the latter to statehood.

From liaodong more fighting, lest ChengZhuan base not thick.

Poor Yuan Chonghuan cause death, gratuitous 2nd seduction on the plains.

3 cassia one nu for beauty, sourdrang night over the old faucet.

King division winners and the losers kou, kangxi worshiped Confucius after all.

After the three hundred haicheng, knocking Beijing building strong nations.

Toward the emperor of arteries and veins which break, the eight banners children begging for yan porridge.

The residual wall heavy shelling, weak chamber which indeed iron animal roars at fellow players.

The temple dumping of the disorderly, fierce outdated than dogs.

Gu hao wind procession, hissing steeds martyr cho.

Countless generous elegy, spilling race free life.

Hongshan red pink world, red flag red red army leaders.

Red wind by white clouds go, reset GongDou in the states.

Ice ice long night wind blade, empty clear hao on such as hook.

Tie asked black dragon fly snow, people today are more romantic.

Guanshan traveled over Mr, Joan pavilion layers of setting sun liu.

The past a scooped up the tears, cried will frequently into the wine.

A cup of comfort exalted sages, 2 cups on the ghost money.

Three cups of drink vicissitudes of life, so taste in ChengTou.

The Chinese built the yugoslav capital hu lu hu lu hou guan proclaimed himself.

The essence of the Chinese ethical harmony Hu Han, Hu Han plastic shenzhou.

Hurry and chitose chitose, the spring and autumn period and the complex compound in the spring and autumn.

If I had known the this one, why all the fight.

Why all fight endlessly? As sages have?

Layer upon layer of the loess layers of bone, who distinguishes the rape zhong and bad.

How many Great Wall fu gaumata, Yang and sing suppression.

Home state is to sucker, YuZhe talk is or not.

Trapped at the world wisdom? Whether all previous dynasties ask his sorrow?

Whether dote an old dragon? Builded will only keep?

The Great Wall is my gate of China, the Great Wall I yanhuang stomach.

The Great Wall built in the sky, at the foot of the Great Wall is the emperor.

Condensed thousands of Chinese Great Wall, the Great Wall are required to take fenglei roar.

Wei Chinese today in, all by the dragon dance.

Zhuang zai Great Wall's man, mottled wall white hair.

Once loaded rivers, sex, has covered the universe of heaven and earth.

Countless heroes and wept city, countless students poem as Radcliffe.

If do hero climb the Great Wall, if put stand ChengTou crazy songs.

ChengTou hung on the ice cliffs, pulling straight up, three thousand nine hundred.

Cragginess taihang floating in the empty, is predestined friends invited to heaven.

Top city only one step away from day, need to hold up the giant hand.

Sent a three mountain god, five yanzhao qilu walk with me.

Tears of blood colorful sunset, jiangshan picture a.

All of ice water, he will China sent, thick.

One thousand old trail edge, baiyun hong yan a few back.

Blue sword solitude who, cold sichuan cold wind as payment.

The wind has been blowing sand to fame for blood to leave.

The cloud top the most lonely, future but a couple of friends.

Thunder and castle peak, that is god to heavy.

Do face upwards long through go to, elegance for the world of mortals rot.

Crazy song all the way walk all the way, to go all the way to the wild goose gate house.

Mo is now the top, the Great Wall has no end.

(note: the original was written in April/Beijing simatai. At that time, one hundred and seventy-two words, delete Jane is one hundred and forty-four now. More pale laid my heart rich tragic yanmenguan. With yanmenguan the forest of steles sequence and.)

In August 2012 in Beijing