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Yanmenguan the third frontier tourism and culture festival

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- through the third yanmenguan frontier fortress culture tourism festival

Author: Song Jianfeng

August hot and passionate, the cool autumn in August. August is the most beautiful wild goose gate in north-west is dressed up, the most attractive season, in this beautiful season of the third session of yanmenguan frontier fortress culture tourism festival pulled open heavy curtain. "ChengShiYan door, the frontier in north-west, vicissitudes of life yanmenguan with its brand-new enshrouded in prosperous time, with its unique glamour of frontier fortress scenery, once again become the focus of attention of the media at home and abroad, make friends turned upward again.

On the morning of August 19, not salute in a loud, no song and dance party contracted and do not break after grand launch ceremony, the third yanmenguan frontier fortress culture tourism festival officially kicked off. Low-key start can not cover the content of the brilliant, last January's cultural festival, yanmenguan from eating, accommodation, transportation, traveling, shopping, entertainment all-around packaging, multi-level, to each visitors tried to show the broad and profound goose brilliant, charming hotel ci-poetry, the unique flavor of the wild goose gate gourmet.

21, the third day of yanmenguan tourism culture festival, after a rain, the morning air particularly pure and fresh, than my heart throb, straight to yanmenguan. Valley wide flat tourist road walking, in the sight of the ridge on the debris of the beacon tower in turn out of my sight, after half an hour's journey, into the gate, a playmaker shop service area, wear a mound village folk village, into the wild goose gate ancient red. Stone-lined trains has the potential of jiuqu circle, there is not much line, just turned separation boundary tablets, rising and falling sound the Vatican sound of music from the goddess of mercy pavilion at the middle into my ears. Brahman sound waves, grass green, lake green, from time to time there are several bird chirp, frontier and pastoral scenery, good school I felt tired gone. Yanmenguan after years adhere to don't understand of grass and flowers, afforestation, already gone remote barren hills TuLing shabby appearance, change the snowcapped, grass luxuriant green dress, just three, five years, yanmenguan is old appearance changed new colour. Wander stroll in the ancient red, watching the lake scenery all the way, walk change scene between forget climbing overworked, soon have to crash the gate at the foot. A night after the rain, yanmenguan fog, towering majestic natural barrier gate off floor, submerged in the misty mist, looking up at the north-west and steep tall and straight, diversity, more show there, open the natural barrier of momentum.

Head on a team of carrying bags, holding all kinds of men and women of the camera under the lead of the tour guide visitors coming to me, soft suchou dialect language with face, eyes of frontier fortress scenery let them feel amazing, they often pick up the camera, press the shutter, retain yanmenguan building magnificent grandeur border the beauty of the moment. During the festival, the visitors with increasing, groups of tourists in front of me from time to time travel, tour guide's vivid interpretation across the ancient and modern, as if to bring people into yanmenguan tunnel in two thousand. Follow the guide, I follow the footsteps of a group of tourists into the natural barrier gate town side of the temple. Town side of the temple in the haze, fog is he, every step into celestial beings. Town side of the temple also known as Li Mu temple, was built to commemorate the 2000 years ago guarding yanmenguan zhao built general Li Mu, the ancestral hall of silence GuJiao phases has long gone, gone to the warriors, town side shrine morning bell and evening drum reminders still, however, people respect and miss with time goes by enduring, more and more powerful. Li Mu before the statue, a dagger, incense smoke, visitors devout altar, kowtow, remote send heart memorial. I often think, yanmenguan as located in the north-west hook on the pass a narrow and the essence of his countenance is solid, is material, is a cold fish, and when many Kings and princes filled history two thousand years achievements in yanmenguan, blood going on chung man patriotic, where the history of the whole, or in times of peace, as a north-south thoroughfare, promote integration, trade, staged a fill of zhao and song, and the many historical feat given the yanmenguan to soul, enrich the spiritual connotation of yanmenguan, cultivation of yanmenguan the great cultural charm, let the north-west narrow history through fog, chanting, has been one thousand years history, and the posterity firmly remember, evolved into the unyielding spirit of Chinese nation monument.

Visited Li Mu shrine, following the six hundred years of countless ancestors's footsteps, clear through the ruts in the Ming dynasty stone path, I stepped out natural barrier gate. Cut, with some wisps of songs, drama. To cultural tourism festival is to build strong festive atmosphere, the organizers, respectively, in front of the customs department and guandi temple stage is the common name ErRenTai and local operas arranged JinJu, henan opera has been innovating performance; Customs agency within the ErRenTai show lively, humorous, very funny, full of rich Shanxi Province characteristics; Guandi temple in front of the henan opera has been innovating and JinJu show clear pronunciation and mellow voice, cadence, staged Yang warrior is the northern song dynasty with the story of the valiant ones, tourists have to stop and appreciate the distinctive opera performances, watching the beautiful scenery of full search, tasting the another drama cultural feast.

Before, about the right door, close the agency's internal and external visitors, they look for a different Angle, and the background, pictures, and yanmenguan stopped himself in the eternal moment, the beauty of the yanmenguan linger on them.

Not a true man unless he comes to the Great Wall. Yanmenguan the Great Wall is a very important in north-west of the narrow and the reputation of being known as the "nine plug exalt the first level". Yanmenguan GuanCheng the Great Wall is an important part of the Great Wall, just as the world cultural heritage status. From natural barrier gate and dili doors on both ends of the extension of miles GuanCheng on the Great Wall with winds prostrate, gradually subduction of diffuse fog at the top of the mountain, is really a beauty of Great Wall spills into the clouds! I with a few tourists walk step into yanmenguan GuanCheng wall, at the foot of the brick, in turn, increases, the steps of the Great Wall winding stretch toward a higher place, order picking, breath climbed halfway up the hill, I feel the autumn wind rustling, cold wind blow gently, side air directly to the moisture in the air condenses into fog, floating around, the more the farther high fog, fog, mist ethereal, in which, like feather hsien, has the feeling of fairy descent. Step into the top of the beacon tower back, the wild goose pagoda in the distance and the forest of steles is also rising up through the heavy fog, the scenery, fundus of yanmenguan city more beautiful. Appreciate the mountains and the close shot, I slowly walk, the way to return to the right door.

The culmination of a cultural festival in border trade street, not to mention various arts and crafts store, all kinds of fans, jewelry, porcelain, calligraphy and painting, swords, small accessories, and so on high generation state local characteristics elegant handicraft, wide variety, can meet the needs of tourists visit reserved for memorial. More the organizers invited dozens of generations of local state of painting and calligraphy masters in this or her daily, the scene calligraphy. Generation of state calligraphy masters the civil culture, brilliant BaoZhan geese, moisten the calligraphy art capability, deep and profound cultural connotation. They in the border trade street BiZouLongShe to book friendly, their skills, attracted a last-minute visitors stop to appreciate and pay collection work. In the tea room is on the side, appreciate enough calligraphy art of tourists in the brew a cup of fragrant tea, take a break, enjoying them calligraphy finish, don't have a pleasing aesthetic feeling in my heart. Tea after a nap, might as well to border trade the food places to see in the street, here the great river north and south, all kinds of flavor snacks, in turn, displaces, Taiwan, with Taiwan's northeast Fried ice cream Lin, barbecue, tianjin goubuli, fort yangming bowl... Famous, not famous snack, delicate flavor of manufacturer, snacks to sniff every passing visitors stay fixed legs, obediently sat down slowly taste all kinds of delicious.

Visited the border trade street on a busy and colorful picture, so when entering the wild goose gate village folk village can realize the generation of all is the most local characteristic state amorous feelings. Peasant inn of unified planning, the guest flag blowing in the wind, in front of the inn is clean, the store friendly and hospitable. Here you can taste the dai county has a long history, the original features of the staple food Fried cakes, day-lily buds, you flour fish stew stew fish, Fried fire, roast sweet potato, baked potato... , there are all kinds of dried apricots, generation of state were, pickles, generation of state showed various specialties such as show, these products are pure natural green environmental protection, with the fragrance of the generation of state land full of generation of state unique diet culture charm, make guests to taste and see a big choice, fragrant and delicious.

During the festival, the moon in front of every day is the drive tour edge large historical situation. According to historical records, king mu during three thousand years ago, had come to yanmenguan tour rimland, appease plebeian inhabitants, from then on he condemned yanmenguan extraordinary historical position. The drive tour edge is reproduce the large repertoire of this historical feat. At nine o 'clock in the morning, large-scale historical situation play "drive tour edge", see a emperor dress, promenading king mu, the guards surrounded his advisers and the bright moon, flanked by LuanJia floor, after chang 'an bridge, is singing and dancing in front of his eyes to meet his plebeian inhabitants of all nationalities, and step into a tower of king mu waved and reassure the people of all nationalities to live in harmony and common development. The drive tour side seemed to be able to bring people back to three thousand years ago in yanmenguan, it illustrates a yanmenguan shows that not only war, warriors, more important is the national friendly exchanges, harmony, peace and tranquility of the bridge and the link.

Watch "drive tour edge", "standing on the chang 'an bridge everywhere, yanmenguan inside and outside the canopy of the fog has cleared, ridges in the distance a golden sun flares, instantly will shine yanmenguan the vibrant, glorious future.