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Of the gas In north-west gas

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- introduction to pass culture and frontier fortress poems in Shanxi Province

New yanmenguan the gate Yang after xing perturbation

Author: wen-xin huang

Shanxi Province is a mountainous province, surrounding and grandeur mountains in jersey, XianGuan pass dot. Sectoral distribution from the northeast to the southwest of Beijing, kaifeng and anyang, luoyang, xian, such as ancient capital, shanxi farthest linear distance is only 100 kilometers. And in northern shanxi, in addition to the yuan dynasty, is "very near the border," thus, the province hundreds of the pass, the city has become key to natural. Here strange mountain different water, ethnic customs, cultivate a large number of outstanding poet since ancient times. We are friends, in this life, in shanxi intone the true is a blessing; To the brigade jin poet, also is the fate. Study of shanxi pass culture, creating the northern style of shanxi features, is the important breakthrough of new poetry.

Shanxi pass (including clearance, gorge, engage, mouth, fort, etc.), tianjin nearly thousand, is famous also has more than 500. The general picture of its distribution, as a "mouth" glyph, north has killed in escaping fort, fort in victory, new, etc.; West with the old cow bay mouth, qikou, hukou, etc.; The east taihang eight engage, niangziguan, etc; Crossing the south has the wind ling, yu, patios, etc. As the "big" word. "Big" words within a horizontal to the Great Wall, the main pass yanmenguan, NingWu clearance, slant head off. On the left is a curl of datong basin, XinDing basin, taiyuan basin, linfen basin, yuncheng basin and the pass series. On the right si from the southeast to the taiyuan basin to take between the basin and the pass and Dan river valleys. Plus four box in the middle of the "big" word. To form a "because", its "fruit" is the unique culture of the pass. Shanxi pass culture is the most distinctive part of shanxi regional culture in, its content is extensive and profound.

First of all, is the root culture. Moderately closed and open is the necessary condition of the development of things. The pass of the government and the channel effect, caused the condition for human survival, so in the Yellow River mother's arms formed the cradle of the Chinese nation. Shanxi become one of the birthplace of the Chinese culture. The legendary YaoDou pu sakaguchi, yu based cities, are in Shanxi Province. Dayu harnessing of sites, some are formed later the pass. Such as: for in addition to the floods, dredge channel, yu chisel meng gate, make the Yellow River and water, form a hukou. Hukou is Qin Jin thoroughfare, is unique in dryland boating dock, both in the military, business, tourism in special status. There are a lot of ancient and modern in this sense. For example, as well as Chen Weifan "hukou autumn wind" :

Last night sky bin hon, hukou wave xi YuGong.

And a water points Qin Jin vision, two mountain sceneries with past and present.

The autumn wind up, later day is unfathomable rainbow.

Cut to eight carried him play performance, natural barrier strong hedong.

Dayu harnessing shows our ancestors' creative spirit and open spirit; Hongtong immigrants have a go out and open spirit. "Where you would like to ask the ancestors, shanxi hongtong big locust tree" from generation to generation, roots his Chinese in an endless stream.

The second is the military culture. It is the pass, become "mohican." Happened several times in the history of war. Such as: the battle of the changping, han zhao qin jingxing battle, the battle of han Hungary white board, its Song Jingang sparrow war of rat valley, prince zhongwu of fenyang static BianJun war, song liao white horse ridge battle, the battle of song kill Xiong Ling, li NingWu GuanZhiZhan, and household Yang warrior into drama the battle of the golden beach, etc. Race horses, bloody, take pass after pass, leaving the blood, also left a heavy historical precipitation. Service to our country, the Chinese people to defend their homes, loyalty, and advance wave upon wave, epic. To take just one example: tang, Chen zi-ang chutangsijie "big send wei army" :

Do not destroy xiongnu Wei Jiang.

Account don't three river, after six male county.

Wild goose mountain north cross generations, fox plug by the cloud.

Don't make YanRan, wei han will work.

Here "huns" in han dynasty, tang said. Wei Jiang, the spring and autumn period and the people, Ceng Yihe Dijon policy eliminates the state of jin foreign invasion. Here compared to wei. YanRan means YanRan mountain, in the Mongolian People's Republic of China today. Han will, refers to the eastern han dynasty to general motor DouXian YanRan mountain. There he left JiGong sharpening.

This is a farewell poem, a change to be immersed in love, bitterness and lamentable mould, positive encouragement, use now words is positive energy. During the Anti-Japanese War, the Chinese people use the pass against the Japanese aggressors, even more epic. Such as: war, XinKou battle, ping xing pass yanmenguan war, etc.

Yanmenguan, standing on the Great Wall, it is the indomitable high precision and throughout history, almost became representative of shanxi.

The third is the harmony culture. The pass is also the national communication integration channel, bridge and the link. In national communication and conflict, has realized the grasslands of northern nomadic culture and central plains farming culture of the han nationality. "Yi" yue: "bao tai is Jane." In a community, maintain unity and harmony, will have a bright future. This is the valuable experience of national break-in. Ming longqing five years (1571) set up around the city, the victory of the fort, fort xinping, springs camp and zhangjiakou, three places are in shanxi. Doing business through the pass, in the Ming and qing dynasties, formed the jin business group. Integration is various. In cultural aspects, such as, yuan sanqu mature process is the process of national culture blend. Mongolia is a good people. Yuan aristocratic like the north popular in a minor, but the "hu" piece of beats, rhythm, style is different of the huanghe river qingshang music and yan music, because part of the han nationality and scholars to mingle GouLan WaShe interacting with artists, the minor will gradually form a unique literary style. There are also some scholars use it to express their anger, pain, and uneven. Have an anonymous poem: "the son of heaven, zhi sense is reflects the pain of the running-in process:

"Right without reading, illiterate rich, commend someone kua knows all things. God only with te heart turn, xian and fool no resolution. Setbacks hero, killing is good, more intelligent more Jian. Tzu chi Gao Rulu, DE like min, according to itself only end up a vain."

Development of yuanqu, which makes up for the lack of humor in Chinese classical poetry, has enriched the literary works of hyperbole, dislocation, bizarre, absurd, teasing and farcicality technique of expression. In the third milestone has been erected in the history of Chinese poetry.

The fourth is poetry culture. Special environment to form special humanistic spirit and its distinctive poetry culture. The yuan sanqu is an important part of Chinese poem culture development. Pass by mountains and rivers of the absolute, also has created many frontier fortress poet. Mountain right four Kings: wang wei, Wang Han, Wang Zhihuan, wang changling (according to expert textual research of its early in the taiyuan) is famous in tang dynasty. Wang changling a "fill" "warlords moon when han guan, long journey also. But make liuzhou fly in, not taught ma degrees yinshan hu." Tone, its bold, across the country, is pushed to the tang dynasty four-line the top ranking paper works "(Li Panlong). Apart from "a tang dynasty half SanJin", only the pass in ancient poetry of shanxi, there are over 450 I've read. Such as: emperor Liu Che resign the autumn wind, li lung-chi lee xiao PuJin watanabe, cao cao "experience", li bai "antique fifty-nine of the first 14", Chen zi-ang chutangsijie "big send wei army", "bing gut prefer", jiang BaoZhao deep and remote and riding and shooting, re-evaluation tucked under qu, Cui Hao Hu Renge goose people, han yu's topic west Bai Jian, Yu Qian "uneven", gu yanwu "longmen", YuanHaoWen "sales" and so on. Sitting here to study in the jiang bing sheep intestines ":

Miharu don't king township, may narrow.

This fear the wheel fold, jie horse fractures.

Present concern.charlotte: wild goose, sun hu mulberry.

GuanShanDing where, ACTS sad cool.

According to qing "taiyuan government record" records: "tianmen, ling well connected together, each other fore and aft. East of do for tianmen mountain, go to the town is five miles; mountains of the west as well as ling, eight miles. Guilin and obstacles, there were deep groove, a tour company at the beginning of the qing dynasty." Tianmen pass and ling well close connected channels, a valley is bing narrow tranship. Tianmen pass, is located in taiyuan city lawn area and YangQu county at the junction of west pass in a village north. Not long ago I went to visit, customs building, narrow sitting, "tianmen snow", Yang warrior relics, sigh with emotion.

Throughout the pass poem in shanxi, the main style is bold, ancient, cheng du jin jian, uninhibited and desolate. "In si kong-tu twenty-four grades" taste, that is: "horizontal space" and "Yao but empty trace", "true force with", "qi" like the rainbow.

The pass gate can be closed and open of duality, on the one hand, prone to conservative thought, on the other hand can stimulate the desire to open again. "Yu gong yi shan" story took place in southeast shanxi taihang wangwu mountain. Shanxi ancient people aspire to open the portal early, yu Mr. Open the pioneering spirit, early into the shanxi people's blood. Actually, this is "faith, perseverance, innovation, enterprising" spirit of shanxi's foundation.

Shanxi Province is a typical northern provinces. MAO dongdu Huang Heshi in February 1936 the red army, in the face of Qin Jin plateau "northland scenery", wrote the popular "patio spring snow". His wild style of poetry, had set a flag to contemporary poets. In several great written and pass the relevant poems in shanxi, I also like the emperor Liu Checheng ship by the Yellow River into the fenhe wrote "resign the autumn wind" : "autumn xi sikong, vegetation yellow fall wild goose south. LAN xiu xi chrysanthemum aromatic, with the wind can't forget. Sin ship xi fen river, cross flow xi Yang wave. Xiao xi hair vivit tolled drum song, joy xi much grief, a young long xi nai csi!" MAO poem winter snow Liu Shi write the autumn wind, are eternal masterpiece, northland scenery. I'm thinking, why this place is so strong in shanxi's auras to arouse the poet's passion? Although the reason is various, but the magic of the unique culture of the pass must never neglect.

I in 2010 in Shanxi Province library "use forum" was telling a comparison of the glorious age of the ancient and modern, put forward to discover regional culture, make with characteristic of shanxi northland style. Later, in "Tang Huai Yin yuan" opened up "the charm of the Yellow River" column, contribute poetry mates, in 2012 alone, published nearly hundred poems of the Yellow River. Most of them are GuanJin poetry. Preliminary practice has proved that grasps the shanxi context, cultivate their own temperament, can write a good poem.

Shanxi culture context in addition to the pass, and the Yellow River culture, business culture, wutai, etc. Various contexts and interconnected. We discover the purpose of the regional culture, not for the study of history, but absorb nutrition, strong itself, and increase the bottom spirit, improve the level of poetry writing, smelting poetry style. Regional style is the result of individual style. "The author JiJiu hard, not encourage, have already for a long time, filling changes since birth, but can change all the bone." (qing were shen deqian poem Zui speaking) personal every bone in it, regional character will be steep.

Form the regional style and form individual style, not happen overnight, need long-term efforts. Form regional mainstream style, don't deny individual style of flowers. Shanxi local style have magnificent beauty also should have beautiful beauty.

Shanxi poetry to innovation, but it must be under the precondition of inheritance of innovation. We support innovation in form, but more should pay attention to content innovation and artistic conception. Poetry to innovation, just have vitality; To new artistic conception, just have vitality; Poetry ground, just have vitality. Shanxi loess breath to write poetry, fenjiu flavor, mature vinegar flavor and smell of the vitality. Of the gas, in north-west gas should be representative of the poetry style in shanxi.

Era calls for shanxi poetry that is emerging, shanxi deeply and the pass of the culture, heavy will become the driving force of the shanxi poetry innovation development. Source: "tricks"