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Richard branson's brand marketing knowledge

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Through understanding his legendary life, we can also understand the marketing.

Earlier in an article - "brand personification marketing observation", I had an interesting question: who is the most suitable for as a brand spokesperson? There are a lot of people think please star endorsement is preferred, main problem is to choose a brand temperament is the star of the match, the other is price.

Also have different opinions, shi yuzhu, for example, in "shi yuzhu: my marketing experience to write clearly, he believes, please star endorsement does not spend more money. The crux of the problem is that the user of the star instead of your products.

In fact, please don't please star to me is not the key, and the key or advertising creation itself.

You can not like David his power in confessions of a an advertiser said, always want to create some "let a person do not forget to" remember how long the classic advertising, whether highlights stars, highlight your talent, this is miss "beginner's mind"; As a movie is to award rather than the pursuit of good stories; And will eventually be a advertising, can return to serve the brand implants, or product sales.

So if please celebrity endorsements and no help to your brand, contact the user establish emotional value, it can say the money is worth.

Today, the spokesman of the meaning of a brand, in fact already beyond the "appear on advertising thrown head" so simple. Today, spokesperson should not only fit for traditional advertising, to better adapt to the new media and the media. Based on these, I think a good spokesperson should conform to the following two indicators:

1, whether the CEO, celebrity or ordinary people, face to your brand and the business itself, there is a lot of recognition and love.

2, he must be able to (continuous) between your brand and users, establish emotional connection.

In old media era, based on the most important marketing tool may be a TVC television ads, please how much star could be forgiven for thinking; But in the new media era, from social media, the transmission of point to point and longer the values of the output point of view, actually no one can than the enterprise's CEO, are more likely to be preferred to meet the two standards.

Many people may doubt it, or considered CEO don do face it, that we take a look at the British legend Richard branson's story:

Richard Branson Richard Branson) was the founder of the British Virgin brand (Virgin), an extremely legendary billionaires, rebellious, bold, high-profile is his tag.

Branson established 15 years old magazines, from a phone booth in the 1970 s the size of the office from scratch, after enter the recording industry, let the Rolling Stones, janet Jackson and became its singers phil Collins, in the 80 s, branson's virgin through every success.

What do you thing it is hard to think of Richard branson is not done: he was naked in your company's advertising, to fly a plane into the fire of Baghdad to rescue the hostages; He tank in New York's times square crush Coca-Cola, to promote their own virgin cola. Richard? Branson never do something don't let a person feel surprised.

Now, branson's empire tentacles widely, d treasures brand owns virgin Atlantic, virgin records, virgin cola, companies such as virgin mobile, business across the air, clothing, soft drinks, games, telecom, financial services, record, and even all walks of life, including condoms branson made a series of great success in business.

Want to carefully, branson's entrepreneurial style is really bold rebel, and counterintuitive; "Virgin" brand in the field of marketing is very special, because generally speaking, a brand extending outward, the more the more easily by consumer cognition "diluted".

Marketing guru's slaughter in the "reset" have "mental lose focus", he said:

"Lose focus entirely caused by brand extension, the company from an economic point of view of their brand, they are willing to convert a highly focused brand into a no brand focus, which represents the concept of a product or brand, to represent two or more products. We should be from a mental perspective on brand extension problem. A brand products, the more the more easy to lose focus...

Some experts will tell you to build a wide range of major brands, don't believe them, and the result will only make a brand of chaos. "

Many companies follow the guide to special slaughter, when they enter a new market, will choose a new brand, in order to avoid and formed the original brand cognitive confusion.

But branson is exactly the opposite! His crazy "virgin" brand extension, do look than any on earth a business! If only one jobs, Elon Musk has 3-4, that branson may at the same time have a dozen or even dozens of!

The emergence of virgin let we have to reflect on, whether, slaughter is wrong, or branson "happen to" succeed?

To figure out this problem, still need to go back to branson about "brand" that, in most enterprises based on product brand era, that branson has lead to focus on brand itself, actually his path extending from the brand of different products.

Branson is not blind expansion blindly, for example, he was thinking hard about d treasures the meaning of the brand represents. In his view, any new product or service of virgin, must have the following properties:

1, best quality;

2, creative;

3, high monetary value;

4, to the existing other choose challenging;

5, can add a sense of fun or naughty.

In other words, to create the products conform to these conditions, he will consider in this field.

This branson said: "if the virgin's name to any can not meet the requirements of the product, the whole company reputation will be affected by a lot of." Therefore, branson said: "take good care of your brand, it can be the minibook. Only meet or can be prescribed in our in the future, is very strict standards of products and services, we can use our brand."

And more importantly, virgin on the strategy and not equate brand with a certain product or service, as their own propaganda: "it is a lifelong relationship (with users)." So don't limit the definition of brand across multiple industries, on the contrary, every product will be d treasures brand "annotation" again.

The above 2 article after article 5 standard in-depth thinking of great value, especially "to choose a (user's) existing other challenging" the expression, this is clearly not in the said products, but focused on d treasures brand "relationship" with the user.

Defines the brand as a lifelong relationship with customers, around the "relationship" rather than "create brand products", this is the first premise of branson could carry out brand extension.






In establishing a virgin airlines, branson received from British airways granddaddy Freddie Laker's advice: "make sure that your ads appear on the cover of newspapers and magazines, do you want to use all means to promote yourself, otherwise you won't be able to survive in this industry." Branson saw this advice as he one of the best piece of advice in business career.

Earlier, branson because of losing a bet, and voluntary to shave her legs, incarnate the stewardess, on aircraft to provide services for passengers; Again earlier, the virgin announced the opening of new routes, branson staged a wacky surprise move, bold and full of topic, dressed in a traditional Scottish red skirt and active light "their pants"! Similar to the shocking move on branson earlier than once or twice.

Branson hugely entertaining, insist to spoof, entertaining, this kind of "don't take yourself too seriously", is actually rejected the traditional "CEO reputation management", it help d treasures brand, in the form of entertainment topic went into all the British people's ordinary life.

A reporter once asked straight branson why so like show, he replied: "I think the person need not too serious. Virgin is among one of the five major brands of the world's most respected, it's fun and drawing on the equal sign, I think if can make you laugh, even if make a fool of yourself, is harmless to the brand."

2, adventurous

Sometimes, Richard branson's move really far beyond the "show" degree should be! For example, he had to mediate in the British during the war with Iraq in the Persian gulf, between driving a plane directly into Baghdad connect back to the hostages. In 1986, his "virgin Atlantic challenger ii at the fastest speed across the Atlantic, a year later, the" virgin Atlantic flight "balloon became the first transatlantic; In 1991, branson driving more hot air balloon flying across the Pacific from Japan to the north, to break all the records. In 2004, he was driving a car, James? Bond's amphibious vehicle within two hours of the English channel, created a new world record!

This kind of surprised the world, together with move branson entertainment show, let the virgin brand with very little cost have a wide range of transmission, and will be "against tradition, do STH unconventional or unorthodox, not stick to one pattern" and other personal impression has been etched deeply in it, thus attracting "no routine work, fashion, rebel" brand loyalty to d treasures to provide products and services.

3, writing can bring?

If we think branson's personal marketing limited to adventure and show, the hard to avoid can let us know about his only superficial. In fact, in branson's personality in the label, in addition to "businessman", "adventurers", "industry subversives" and "hip-hop capitalists", there is a very important identity is: "writer".

Richard branson's energy envy letting a person, he is a diligent and prolific writer, I had long focus on domestic financial magazine his column. In addition, he was all industries are the creative industry, the business streaking, "when do good business rule", "Richard branson's autobiography", "flying legend: the story of human exploration of flight, such as the author of the best-selling books.

To practice a brand personification, strong personal charisma to inspire people's "the sun" CEO, in fact no more than writing it simple, cheaper and more cost-effective way to help you accomplish your aim. Past paper and pencil, you just need to present a computer without Wifi can also help you to do it. This is not a branson said, this is my personal opinion.

Look from writing it, Richard branson's early diligently, and skilled in the way of content marketing, his mind is open, colorful language, understand their perfectly embedded in the story of value can bring readers. Writing help branson successfully extended emotional connection with customers, make him more likely to occur with users expect the sort of "lifetime relationship". I suspect that (there is no real evidence), such as domestic zhou people, is likely to be deeply inspired by branson similar practices.

4, a "free" coach

Many people may not know, branson in teens with dyslexia, today, there are still serious stuttering. But he does not speak thus reducing, more loving speech and to communicate with people, instead he or even "TED speaker".

Chat to establish emotional connection with users, branson has very pragmatic a recruit: free to young entrepreneurs and when the teacher!

This recruit is very much like today's popular so-called "Internet thinking" : domestic free way to attract users, service after capturing value.

This branson said: "we need to improve and the feelings of the younger generation, one way to do their mentor is voluntary. A lot of young people in the business for the first time when suffering injustice, so we established branson entrepreneurship center in South Africa and the Caribbean, founded in the British Virgin Media Pioneers. We benefit from it, these young entrepreneurs to the idea of unique, has a great capacity for change."

Someone may ask, what do these mean? How to make money? In fact, the answer is in the first sentence of branson, strengthen the emotional connection with a younger generation is in itself a source of great value, they are most likely to supporters of the brand and consumers.

5, beyond the business to focus on

In my "brand personification marketing review wrote, any business, in the original, is narrow focus, focus, focus in some way, it can't be full of life, otherwise difficult to success.

But the requirement of marketing is on the contrary, representatives must be able to, in their own business with many different people of the boundless universe, etc, create a link between this often requires face itself is a "fun, have material, there is a" person.

If "hugely entertaining" achievement "interesting" branson, writing for his "material" is more widely known, the adventurous, as well as "to save the hostage" "conservation" beyond the business scope, some partial humanity move, more strengthened his charisma, simply is to make him look - very "there!"

A person's heart, the greater the influence to the newspaper and a corresponding blessing to be big. I want to say is, a man who knows how to "beyond business to focus on the user's" marketing people, they are more likely to be a successful marketer.

6, the marketing is unknown

Observe the Richard branson's legendary life, will find that he is an outstanding marketing genius, he understands the marketing is the word of "unexpectedly, beyond expectations", actions, all let a person from the surprise, to find everything new and fresh. Branson's life, including the spacecraft plan for exploring the unknown is full of enthusiasm, we'll never know, this has over 60 "old man", the next step and make what kind of, reverse cognitive behavior.

Summary, Richard branson, the marketing is not only the "brand extension will die" curse of the terminator, he "brand personification" and "personal marketing", "content marketing" leading practitioners, he is the epitome of the perfect brand spokesperson in my heart.

In addition, it must be said a little branson's hands-on practice, should pass me an understanding of marketing: marketing is we deal with uncertain world method of uncertainty, it never belong to any previous established program, effective in the past, the future may not work. Marketing need changing, unconventional, it forever belongs to overturn, to innovation, essentially to the "future" and "unknown".