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Yanmenguan, an important part of the Great Wall is one of the world cultural heritage, national key cultural relics protection unit, is the oldest, most frequently experience war, most famous and the most ancient pass effective, known as "China first". Yanmenguan scenic area is the ruins of yanmenguan the historical heritage, the military defense system as the main landscape resources of frontier fortress culture, the Great Wall, the pass cultural tourist area, scenic area planning area of 30 square kilometers. GuanCheng beacon tower, the Great Wall, pass the city, soldiers at fort, such as different grades, different function, different historic building heritage, formed the desolate, dignified and vigorous, atmospheric border tourism characteristics of amorous feelings, showing the history of collecting the historical role and the rise and fall of history, with about 3000 over the years it has witnessed the vicissitudes of life change and occasion. With the development in recent years, large-scale repair, yanmenguan scenic area has become a set of "eat, live, travel, tour, shopping, entertainment,", and other functions as one of the leading frontier culture, Chinese and foreign famous tourist destination.